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From the French Legation (formerly the Robertson Plantation and the Robertson Hill freedmen's community) to the historic Black churches that still grace the District…



Six Square preserves historic and culturally significant sites in order to reanimate them as important cultural spaces.



Six Square highlights visual art and performance art celebrating the diversity of Black lives and honoring the heritage of Austin's Black Cultural District.



Six Square has a mission to educate people in central Texas and beyond about the history and relevance of Austin’s Black Cultural District.



Six Square celebrates the culture that Black people have created in the District.


Economic Development

Arts, culture, and historic preservation have meaningful economic impacts.


Six Square -- Austin's Black Cultural District -- is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to celebrating the African American heritage of Central East Austin and preserving cultural assets in the District through historical interpretation, promotion of cultural and artistic events, and social, cultural and economic development.

Six Square is the nexus of thriving Black arts and culture in Central East Austin. We re-animate cultural spaces, connect community, and honor the past, present, and future of Austin’s Black Cultural District.

We envision a vibrant future for the District that grows from the rich legacy and cultural contributions of Austin’s Black community.  

“The District is six square miles of historic geographic sites that we are preserving for future generations.  We are creating an incubation space where art and culture can be celebrated and enjoyed and brought to the limelight, not just for the community who lives here, but for all of Austin and Austin’s visitors.” -- James Nortey, Six Square Board member


  • Rev. Freddie Dixon, Board Chair and Founding Member
    Community Leader, University of Texas
  • Hoover Alexander, Vice Chair
    Chef, Restaurateur, Hoover’s Cooking
  • Virginia Cumberbatch, Secretary and Founding Member
    Public Relations/MPA Student,UT-Austin
  • James Nortey, Treasurer and Founding Member
    Attorney, Duggins Wren, LLP
  • Ken Johnson, Member
    Architect, Clayton & Little
  • Willie Johnson, Member
    Retired, IBM
  • Ramey Ko, Member
    Attorney, Jung Ko PLLC
  • Bernadette Phifer Founding Member
    Museum Curator, City of Austin
    Carver Museum & Cultural Center

Six Square Staff

  • Lisa Byrd, Consultant (Founding Executive Director)
  • Donald King, Programs Coordinator

Six Square Project Team

  • Shuronda Robinson, Interim Executive Director
  • Matthew Gossage, Project Coordinator
  • Miriam Conner, Project Coordinator
  • Dr. Haile (Eshe) Cole, Historian
  • K. Anoa Monsho, Writer in Residence
  • Ali Hopson, Production
  • Harrison Eppright, Tour Docent
  • Jen Margulies, Grantwriter
  • Colin Swanson, Bookkeeper
  • Adisa Communciations, Public Relations
  • Mike Cook, Attorney
  • Frederick Douglas Bailey, Intern
  • Deaven Bean, Intern


  • Austin Convention and Visitor Center
  • Austin History Center
  • Austin Justice Coalition
  • Bike Austin
  • Carver Museum and Cultural Center
  • City of Austin
  • Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Huston Tillotson University
  • Jump On It
  • KAZI Radio
  • 96.3 RnB
  • Major Taylor Bike Club
  • Office of Artist Resource
  • Preservation Austin
  • Rosewood Neighborhood Association
  • Robertson Hill Neighborhood Association
  • Social Justice Alliance
  • TBG
  • University of Texas -DCCE
  • Urban Music Festival
  • The Villager
  • Wesley United Methodist Church

Career Opportunities

At any time, Six Square may have a number of job openings in a variety of settings ranging from entry-level jobs, to management and professional positions, to contract assignments.

We are always looking for interns and volunteers. If you would like to become an intern or a volunteer, please email

Executive Director (Applications due by Oct. 14, 2016)

Six Square is currently hiring for Executive Director position. To complete the application process, please review the Job Posting and complete an Employment Application. For more information on Six Square, please review our Annual Report.

Full Time Temporary Office Assistant (Application due immediately. position available Sept 15 – Dec. 31, 2016)

Six Square is currently interviewing for a full-time temporary office assistant position. To complete the application process, please review the Job Posting and complete an Employment Application


Six Square: Austin's Black Cultural District
1152 San Bernard Street